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Studies started in 2005



Project Title

Project Leader
Project Supervisor
P1551 Applications and services for ADSL2+ and beyond Adam Kapovits, EU
Adam Kapovits
P1552 Open Source for Next Generation OSS - issues and challenges Nuno Silva, PT
Anastasius Gavras
P1553 P2P-ISP – The impact of peer-to-peer networking on network operators and Internet service providers Adam Kapovits, EU
Adam Kapovits
P1554 WiMAP - WiMAX for Mobile Applications Saemundur E. Thorsteinsson, IC
Uwe Herzog
P1555 Sensor Telcos - new business opportunities Pal Ytterstad, NT
Adam Kapovits
P1556 Using IP Multicast for the efficient distribution of on-demand streaming content Marius Clemetsen, NT
Adam Kapovits
P1557 Fixed Mobile Convergence Christian Hellwig, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1558 Community Interaction Christian Wolf, DT
Peter Stollenmayer
P1559 VoIP Security Anastasius Gavras, EU
Anastasius Gavras