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Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 2003


Project Title

Project Leader
Project Supervisor
P1350 MASMO – Multi-Application Smart card Market Opportunities Ivan Skenderoski, BT
Adam Kapovits
P1349 TelCo Grid – Business Opportunities for Telecom Operators in the Grid market Mijo Maric, DT
Adam Kapovits

SPEED SPEED:  Strengthening Telco's Position in the Mobile Presence and Location aware services European Interoperability for new market opportunities

Maria-Amparo Sanmateu, DT
Valerie Blavette

Online Console Gaming on the Web

Michael Sautter, NT
Heinz Brüggemann

Potential of the RFID technology for Telecom Operators

Josef Kraus, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1345 Mobile Internet/Instant Messenger - the way to enrich our customers' world Juan Carlos López Calvet, NT
Uwe Herzog
P1344 Concepts for generic Telco Application Servers in the various Sub-domains of Telco industries Paulo Chainho, PT
Anastasius Gavras
P1342 Risk management in bandwidth and wholesale services and the issue of bandwidth pricing Anne-Gaëlle Corrion, FT
Adam Kapovits
P1341 NGN Service Concepts Paulo Chainho, PT
Valerie Blavette

Health risk assessment of the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields

Eberhard Kühn, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1308 FRAPESA - Framework for personalisation of services and applications in next generation mobile services Josip Zoric, NT
 Valerie Blavette
P1307 MultiDeli - Multi Devices Service Delivery Thanh van Do, NT
Heinz Brüggemann
P1306 BIZCOOL - Business to business interaction with Web Services and ebXML Bernhard Feiten, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1305 GENIE - GMPLS and MPLS in Enhanced IP Networks Lars Kollecker, DT
Adam Kapovits
P1304 CENTS - Cost Effective migration to FTTx-Networks for
Tomorrow's Services
Erik Weis, DT
Adam Kapovits
P1303 ANFINA: Access Networks control Functions and Interfaces in
NGN Architectures
Alain Le Roux, FT
Valerie Blavette
P1302 PROFIT: Potential pRofit Opportunities in the Future ambient InTelligence world Michael Lyons, BT
Peter Stollenmayer
P1301 E-TRACS - E-Commerce Trading of Connectivity Services David Collings, BT
Heinz Brüggemann