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Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 2002


Project Title

Project Leader
Project Supervisor
P1201 ERNIE - Entertainment and new services via DSL Peter Sommer, DT
Heinz Brüggemann
P1203 The operator’s vision on systems beyond 3G  Josef Noll, NT
Uwe Herzog
P1204 Mobile Presence Riccardo Pascotto, DT
Heinz Brüggemann
P1205 Identity and ICTs - Analysis and Implications for Service Design Mona Jakobsen, NT
Peter Stollenmayer
P1206 Broadband Services in the Intelligent Wireless Home Josef Noll, NT
Valerie Blavette
P1207 OPERA - Interoperability of DRM Technologies Susan Wegner, DT
Anastasius Gavras
P1208 Location Awareness (LOCAWA) Amparo Sanmateu, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1209 XML Web Services Jens Meinköhn, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1241 Cool Town - like architectures and telecom networks Josip Zoric, NT
Heinz Brüggemann
P1242 Web Services Orchestration Than van Do, NT
Uwe Herzog
P1243 Perspectives and Potentital of ebXML - standards for SMEs Daniel Buchholz, DT
Uwe Herzog
P1244 Homogeneous Infrastructures for Hot Spot scenarios Lars Kluge, DT
Heinz Brüggemann
P1245 EASY - Ethernet based Access networks StudY Ismo Laitinen, AF
Adam Kapovits