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Eurescom Projects and Studies started in 1998

Project number  Title
P801  Local Information Infrastructure to support Community Communication Networks
P802 Strategic Study into sustainability with respect to social and economomical impacts of telecommunication services
P803 European IP Testbed
P804 Interoperability of Network Computing Services
P805 Study on Internet Roaming Throughout Europe (SIRTE)
P806 EQoS - A Common Framework for QoS/Network Performance in a multi-Provider Environment
P807 Jupiter II - Usability, Performability and Interoperability trials in Europe
P809 Support of broadband mobile and fixed services based on IN evolution
P810 Wireless ATM access and advanced software techniques for mobile networks architecture
P811 Reference Framework for OSS interconnection - Application to Number Portability and to Charging and Accounting
P812 TMN Evolution - Service Providers' Needs for the Next Millenium
P813 Technical Development and Support for European ATM Service Introduction
P814 Pre-Study on Speech-to-speech language translation - Pre-SLANGTRAN
P815 Communications Management Process Integration Using Software Agents
P816 Implementation frameworks for integrated wireless - optical access networks
P817 Database Technologies for Large Scale Databases in Telecommunication
P841 Strategic Study on the Impacts of a Multi-Network Infrastructure
P843 Cyberspace - the next frontier for the TelCos
P844 The impacts of Active Networks
P845 Agent Technoloby in perspective
P846 What will we have OSS for in the Future?
P847 What is TINA and is it useful for TelCos?
P848 What UMTS means to Operatiors and how we can facilitate its evolution