S24 Fact-finding Study on Recommendations on EURESCOM Software

The development and maintenance of software for telecommunications systems constitute the major development and maintenance costs of these systems. This situation is also reflected in the EURESCOM projects. To cater for the efficient execution of EURESCOM projects and for the fact that the results of many of these projects need to be integrated with each other, a common infrastructure for the EURESCOM software is much needed.

IN, TMN and new services will represent new challenges to the efficient handling of telecommunication software. The success in handling the requirements specifications, the degree of integration on a functional level and the cost of maintenance will ultimately determine the services experienced by the end users.

The development techniques of general software engineering, inside and outside the telecommunication area, are today recognised and appreciated.

To increase independence of suppliers, and thus opening up the market for competition, and to remain competitive, the PNO´s should harmonise software life cycle practices and increase development of generic solutions e g with respect to specification, acceptance testing and software maintenance.

Following suggestions from earlier proposals EURESCOM should be active to assist the PNO´s to handle the software "problem". As a first step EURESCOM needs to identify what the PNO´s should do within EURESCOM and as second step it needs to identify its own strategy for supplying the support needed.

In parallel with this the EURESCOM projects need guidelines for their software development.

The main objectives of this project were to:

Participants BT NL DT ST FT

Duration - Project start: Aug 92 - Project completion: Jul 93

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