S22 Fact-finding Study on Gigabit Networks

Applications requiring Gigabit network services are rapidly emerging. Their introduction is supported by high-end servers and private network technologies with the required capabilities. At the same time, the optical components to support such a network have matured sufficiently to be used in a testbed environment.

In the US several Gigabit testbeds are already investigating different aspects of Gigabit communication. To prepare for new market opportunities the PNOs should investigate the need and objectives for a possible Gigabit testbed in Europe.

The main objective of this project was, from a PNO point of view, to investigate the need for a pan-European Gigabit testbed, propose objectives of a possible pan-European Gigabit testbed, make recommendations on further action and disseminate the results from the project within EURESCOM.

Participants AF IT BT NT DT ST

Duration - Project start: Aug 92 - Project completion: Jan 93

Results for Full Publication