S21 Fact-finding Study on Network Dimensioning Tools for IN

The introduction of IN is likely to have some impact on the network traffic with services such as televoting, or other mass calling services. Moreover, usage of complex service logic with many interactions between the SSP and the SCP may also have an impact on performance as seen by the user. Support tools and methodologies will be required to dimension and/or optimise the network to support this traffic under dynamic load conditions. Efficient project management requires thorough preparation to determine the tasks and timescales before the project is initiated.

The main objectives of this project were to provide the state of the art on current network dimensioning tools and methods and on the current situation by the PNOs, and make recommendations on further action by EURESCOM.

Participants DT PT FT NL IT NT

Duration - Project start: Sep 92 - Project completion: Mar 93

Results for Full Publication