P232 Studies on B-ISDN Signalling

Studies have been started in ITU-TS/SG 11 and ETSI/SPS for B-ISDN signalling and switching. A first set of ITU-TS recommendations for B-ISDN Capability Set 1 signalling is foreseen before end of 1993 which will allow the development and introduction of switched services in B-ISDN in a second phase. In parallel to that, studies are carried out in ITU-TS and ETSI on Capability Set 2 and 3 protocols based on ISCP concepts. But a large number of items in B-ISDN signalling are not yet solved and need significant efforts.

The main objective of this project is to harmonise European PNOs' views and efforts on B-ISDN signalling in order to allow an early introduction of switched B-ISDN services in Europe. Therefore, the first task of the project was to explore and select the most appropriate solutions for B-ISDN signalling taking into account the B-ISDN service and network requirements as well as their foreseen evolution. In addition, particular attention will be given to interworking and interconnection aspects with existing networks and services.

Another objective of the project is to assist and accelerate the standardisation activity in this area in Europe. In addition, a set of B-ISDN signalling specifications will be elaborated based on the results of ETSI and ITU-TS studies. The project aims at the definition of a common B-ISDN signalling profile and signalling network in Europe. To achieve this, the existing standards have to be complemented and enhanced and appropriate options have to be selected in order to ensure interoperability and evolution.


Duration - Project start: Jul 92 - Project completion: Dec 94

Results for Full Publication