P226 TMN Management of IN-based Services and Mobility of pan-European IN-based Services

Intelligent Networks (IN) and Telecommunication Management Network are considered to be key concepts for a future IBC environment. The IN-services are already very profitable for PNOs. However, the services are now introduced with little and proprietary automated management solutions. In order to make the management more cost effective and more flexible so as to be readier to respond to the introduction of new services both nationally and in a Europe-wide perspective a comprehensive approach should be developed.

This approach should be phased in such a way that currently deployed OSs may inter-operate to support Europe-wide management of present IN services. As their functional evolution converges onto the Europe-wide TMN framework and new IN services are deployed a more harmonised management may oversee the present one removing the need and complexity that are required today for the interoperability of the different national management systems. This means to address both medium term and longer term solutions. The definition of the management of IN services is obviously based on the requirements deriving from the expected IN services defined in companion projects (medium and long term IN projects).

In addition there is a need to identify and specify network mobility management services and to enable joint/co-operative management of Europe-wide Network Mobility services. The possibility for End Users to manage their own service profile and security levels requires new management services.

The main objectives of this projects are the:

Participants BT DT FT LP NL ST TE TF TP TI

Duration - Project start: Nov 92 - Project completion: Aug 95

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