P203 TMN Organisational Model

TMN has been identified by EURESCOM as a major area for concerted activity by the European PNOs because by means of improvements to TMNs, which are networks which have the purpose of supporting management activities associated with telecommunications networks, the concept of 'one-stop-shopping'will be achieved. This technology will allow the development of pan-European services which can be offered by all PNOs.

If pan-European services are to be offered by PNOs there is a need to define a number of supporting management services. The service definitions will include the identification of information to be exchanged and functions to be supported. Before this phase of the development can progress PNOs need to have a target organisational model(s) available which can be used to guide the specification of services and provide guidance on the type of information to be exchanged.

The objective of this project is to define a consolidated set of models related to the implementation of a generic pan-European-wide TMN organisational model and to explore the need for management domains to describe peer-to-peer TMN and supra-PNO management. Specific results covering strategic options/solutions for scenarios covering coexistence and implementations of ONP-TMN, their leading concepts and characteristics will also be an important objective of the project.

Participants AF PT BT NL DT ST FT IT

Duration - Project start: May 92 - Project compltion: March 94

Results for Full Publication