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Past Events 2006

On this page you will find events that were organised, hosted or endorsed by Eurescom in 2006.

Workshops, Seminars  and Other Events 2006
11 December 2006,
Geneva, Switzerland
BReATH logo BReATH closing conference:
Stimulating broadband in the EU New Member States

Further information is available on the BReATH website at

23 November 2006
9:00 - 10:30
Helsinki, Finland

European Commission
IST Event 2006 - Eurescom networking session:
How can ICT improve Healthcare? Research topics for FP7

See further information on the
networking session page

20 November 2006
Helsinki, Finland
European Commission supported by Panlab 3rd Concertation meeting on e-Infrastructure
Specific theme: FP6-funded test-beds

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16-17 November 2006
Berlin, Germany
Fraunhofer Fokus 2nd IMS Workshop:
IMS From FMC towards Triple Play and NGN

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10 - 11 October 2006
Brussels, Belgium
3rd NEM General Assembly

NEM website

29 June 2006
Brussels, Belgium
DAIDALOS I Final Workshop - Secure network infrastructures for pervasive, personalised services

DAIDALOS events page

29 May - 1 June 2006
Bordeaux, France
ICIN 2006 - Convergence in Services, Media and Networks
ICIN 2006 is supported by Eurescom

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5 April 2006
Madrid, Spain
  IST ePerSpace Workshop
Towards the era of personal services
at home and everywhere

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24 March 2006
Brussels, Belgium
ALIPRO Workshop - European visions for research programmes on mobile communications in the New Member States and Accession Candidate Countries

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25 January 2006
Heidelberg, Germany
Managing complex international projects Lessons from EU project NM2

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