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Past Events 2005

On this page you will find events that were organised, hosted or endorsed by Eurescom 2005.

Workshops, Seminars  and Other Events 2005
19 October 2005
Heidelberg, Germany
2nd DAIDALOS Public Workshop
Convergence of mobile and broadcast environments

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29 - 30 September 2005
Paris, France
SOCQUIT results conference

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16 - 17 June 2005
Seville, Spain
  IST at the Service of a Changing Europe by 2020: Learning from World Views
Organised by IPTS and FISTERA.
Eurescom is involved in the programme
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27-29 April 2005,
Heidelberg, Germany
Eurescom Summit 2005
Ubiquitous Services and Applications

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26 April 2005,
Heidelberg, Germany
FISTERA Workshop
The technology evolution impact on telecommunications
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02 - 03 March 2005
Jeju Island, Korea
WWRF13 Meeting
The Convergence of Communication & Broadcasting
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