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Past Events 2004

On this page you will find events that were organised, hosted or endorsed by Eurescom 2004.

Workshops, Seminars  and Other Events 2004
14 December 2004
Stuttgart, Germany
First Daidalos Public Workshop
Designing advanced network interfaces for the delivery and administration of location independent, optimised personal services
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3 December 2004
Nice, France
Launch of the European Initiative on NETWORKED and ELECTRONIC MEDIA - the NEM Initiative
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30 November 2004
Nice, France
ePerSpace open workshop
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4 - 5 November 2004
Toronto, Canada
WWRF 12 Meeting
The Convergence of Digital Industries
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18-21 October 2004, Bordeaux, France
ICIN 2004
Endorsed by Eurescom - keynote speech by Dr. Claudio Carrelli
7 - 8 September 2004,
Canterbury, UK
Second European Workshop on
Model Driven Architecture with an emphasis on Methodologies and Transformations
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5-6 August 2004,
Heidelberg, Germany
1st European Workshop on Security in Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks (ESAS2004)
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10-11 June 2004, Oslo, Norway WWRF 11 Meeting
Services and Applications Roadmaps
- invigorating the visions

17-18 March 2004,
First European Workshop
on Model Driven Architecture

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