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Past Events 1998

On this page you will find events that were organised, hosted or endorsed by Eurescom 1998.

Workshops and Seminars 1998
24 November 1998, Heidelberg  Workshop on "Network Integration Testing (NIT)"
17-19 November 1998, Bern TRIBAN Workshop "Tomorrow's Residential Infrastructure for Broadband Access Networks"
3-4 November 1998, Heidelberg Seminar "Adding Value to your Strategic Decisions
14-15 October 1998, Heidelberg  QUTE'98 Workshop on Quality of Telecommunications Services
1-2 September 1998, Heidelberg DOT'98 Workshop on Distributed Object Technologies and Middleware
27 May 1998, Antwerp EURESCOM TMN Workshop (inside the IS&N 98)
23-24 April 1998, Leidschendam  Workshop on "Optical Add-Drop Multiplexing (OADM)"
30-31 March 1998, Torino (CSELT) Workshop on "Access Network Construction and Installation Techniques (ANCIT)"
9-11 March 1998, Heidelberg AIMS Workshop ATM-IP-Multimedia Services
3 March 1998, Heidelberg  Workshop on "PNOs- Suppliers Technical Interfaces"