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Eurescom Study Programme


The subscribers drive the content of the Study Programme. While technical topics have been dominating in recent years, a number of techno-economic areas and topics are highly welcome for upcoming studies, such as:

  • Pre-studies for larger initiatives in specific areas
  • Lowering the barriers for take up of existing and/or new services
  • Reducing the cost of operation and interoperation
  • Planning the profiling of (abstract) standards to workable/interoperable solutions
  • Exploring new business models and areas
  • Identifying disruptive events and technologies and assess their impacts.

Each study has a well-defined, measurable objective. The main objective of each study is very specific, defined in advance, and can include, for example:

  • Satisfying a business information need of your organisation
  • Providing a technical solution
  • Describing a service opportunity
  • Defining a new project in FP7, or CELTIC
  • Developing a position statement for regulators, or the EU
  • Developing a joint submission to a standardisation organisation
  • Defining an independent joint undertaking within the telecom community.

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