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P1244    Homogenous infrastructure for HotSpot scenarios

D2 TI Technical Information
Issue date:

July 2003

Confidentiality: EURESCOM Study Programme confidential
Format: 1 volume  (112 pages)

Wireless Hot Spots are currently being rolled out by all the major telecom companies in Europe. The need for this kind of infrastructure has been triggered by the increasing demand of nomadic business users for high-speed wireless broadband access. Nevertheless Hot Spots represent just a first step towards complete wireless seamless access solutions supporting highly mobile user devices.

In this project report we are giving analysis of some of the most probable solutions that will enhance our wireless experience in the years to come. A number of scenarios have been outlined and the most promising have been taken forward and analysed from the value-chain and deployment perspective. These include wider area wireless coverage outside standard Hot Spots into Hot Regions and Mobile Hot Spots e.g. trains and planes. 

Each scenario is considered in terms of the services that could be provided, business models for entering the Public WLAN market and the solutions to enable the wireless infrastructures. Market forecasts have been included to give a sense for the potential of the market. A separate consideration has been done for the backhaul delivery methods as they represent a significant technical challenge for most of the cases.

The report gives a good starting base for implementing the proposed scenarios in high-level solution framework.

Applicability: Suggested readers are people dealing with WLAN aspects in Marketing, Business Development, Network and Software.
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