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Re-Architecting the Internet. An Hourglass Control Architecture for the Internet, Supporting Extremes of Commercial, Social and Technical Control
Trilogy logo Project ID: FP7-ICT-2007-1, # 216372

Contact: Adam Kapovits

Project website:

The aim of the Trilogy project is to develop new solutions for the control architecture of the Internet and remove the known and emerging technical deficiencies while avoiding prejudging commercial and social outcomes for the different players. The focus is the generic control functions of the Internet - the neck of the hour-glass but for control. Our architectural design activities focus on a radical approach to develop a Future Internet for the next 20+ years. This design is tempered and refined by considering the need for incremental deployment.

Eurescom's role: Management and dissemination support

Duration: 3 years, January 2008 - December 2010

Total budget: 9.15 million euro

Coordinator: Mat Ford, BT

Number of partners: 11 partner organisations from 8 countries

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