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Quality of Service and MObility driven cognitive radio Systems

Project number: 248454

Contact at Eurescom: Milon Gupta

Project website:

The primary objective of QoSMOS is to develop a framework for Cognitive Radio systems and to develop and prove critical technologies using a test-bed. Involvement in standards bodies and industrial forums is emphasised from the start, to increase the probability of adoption of QoSMOS results into standardised products. The initial focus is on opportunistic use of radio spectrum, with an early example being TV White Spaces. The project has an External Advisory Board consisting mainly of regulators and broadcasters, to help steer the project and also to provide paths for exploitation of project results.

Eurescom's role: Sub-contractor for project management tools (EuresTools) and management support

Duration: 36 months, started on the 1st January 2010

Coordinator: Michael Fitch, BT

Number of partners: 15

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