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Pan-European Laboratory


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   Contact: Anastasius Gavras

The Pan-European Laboratory (Panlab) is a concept that is being introduced to enable the trial and evaluation of service concepts, technologies, system solutions and business models to the point where the risks associated with launching of these as commercial products will be minimised. The accomplishment of this objective, which should encompass many different European collaborative projects, is an important step towards the establishment of a truly pan European collaboration network.

The Panlab concept is initiated by a Specific Support Action (SSA) project, honoured by European Commission, which will build a full chart of the testing labs and sites available and will present a plan of coordination between these. Thus, the Panlab will pave the way for a clear view of where in Europe is the best place to test a specific technology, system, service or application. The implementation of a physical infrastructure will be enabled, aiming at establishing integration, testing, validation/verification and possibly certification services for product prototypes in Europe. The ultimate goal is the establishment of the grounds for a future operational and long-term self-sustainable Pan-European laboratory including a business model that would advise on the continuation of the action as an independent entity.

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