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Next Generation Network Initiative
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Contact: Peter Stollenmayer



The NGN-I project had set up as a support action a consortium of representatives from leading industries, operators and academia to facilitate Global, Strategic and Innovative Next Generation Networks, Platforms and Solutions. It provided the first European open environment for strategic discussions on topics & issues of NGN.

The mission was to facilitate and support smooth evolution of and transition to next generation networks, to resolve issues that create barriers for NGN deployment, to encourage clustering of activities, to create open environment for discussions on trends of technology, and to create awareness among the actors.

The main objectives were to assess the technologies and their significance for NGN, to achieve interoperability for seamless services through harmonised standards, to achieve compatibility and essential commonality between solutions and products, and to identify new opportunities e.g. for convergence etc.

Duration: January 2001 to December 2002

Eurescom's role:

  • Contributing member
  • Reviewer of deliverables

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