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Implementing cooperation on Future Internet and ICT Components between Europe and Latin America
Project number: 248753

Contact at Eurescom: Maria Barros

Project website:

FIRST is a Support Action (SA) intended to foster International Cooperation in the areas of Future Internet and ICT Components and systems between Europe and Latin America. FIRST will extend European Technology Platforms constituencies to Latin American key strategic partners in the research domain, including development of research, policy and innovation roadmaps for implementing efficient cooperation between Europe and Latin America, identifying strategic partners and potential areas for cooperation where critical mass, common interests and high technological capacity is detected and where there are market potential. FIRST focuses on the wider ICT scope, taking benefit of the relevance of the FIRST partners, being the most reputed organizations, with high credibility in the Region, and capable to influence Latin American stakeholders in the research domain.

Eurescom's role: Project partner

Duration: 2 years (January 2010 - December 2011)

Coordinator: Rose Vision, Spain

Number of partners: 9 partner organisations from 8 different European and Latin American countries

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