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Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services

Project number: INFSO-ICT-248567

Contact at Eurescom: Milon Gupta

Project website:

ETICS aims at creating a new ecosystem of innovative QoS-enabled interconnection models between Network Service Providers allowing for a fair distribution of revenue shares among all the actors of the service delivery value-chain. To achieve these objectives, ETICS will analyse, specify and implement new network control, management and service plane technologies for the automated end-to-end QoS-enabled service delivery across heterogeneous carrier networks. ETICS includes a large number of partners that, participating to several key projects, have matured strong expertise. ETICS prototypes on control, management, and service planes will also leverage an important background on implementations and performance assessment. They will allow demonstrating and testing the effectiveness of new business models as well as how agile network service creation, activation, monitoring and billing for interconnected fixed and mobile operators will improve time to market of new services and reduce operational costs and complexity. Therefore, increasing the economic efficiency of access and transport infrastructures, the transition to new generation equipments will be incentivized.
ETICS validated new business models, architectures and protocols will be demonstrated and disseminated at key scientific and industrial workshops, conferences and standard bodies on technical, business, regulatory and socioeconomic aspects, providing a clear opportunity for Europe to take the lead on future converged infrastructures based on Internet/NGN evolutions.

Eurescom's role: Sub-contractor for project management tools (EuresTools) and management support

Duration: 3 years, January 2010 - December 2012

Coordinator: Nicolas Le Sauze, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France

Number of partners: 17 partner organisations