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A novel architecture for modelling, virtualising and managing the energy consumption of household appliances
IST Project number: 224621

Contact: Halid Hrasnica

Project website: 

The main objective of the project is to foster a harmonised technology for profiling and managing the energy consumption of appliances at home. AIM will introduce energy monitoring and management mechanisms in the home network and will provide a proper service creation environment to serve virtualisation of energy consumption, with the final aim of offering users a number of standalone and operator services.

Eurescom's role: Project coordination, management and quality assurance, work-package leader responsible for dissemination

Duration: 2 years (June 2008 - May 2010)

Total budget: 4.4 million euro

Coordinator: Eurescom GmbH

Number of partners: 11 partner organisations from 5 different European countries

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