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LUPA: Local provision of 3G and 3G+ services
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Uwe Herzog
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about
This project is investigating on access technologies that could be used for 3G mobile service provision as an alternative or supplementary solution to UTRA - the UMTS terrestrial radio access network.

What is the background for this Project?
New access technologies are on the way to be introduced into the market. WLAN is a commercial available product, Bluetooth will very soon be a cost effective, close-range wireless solution, while Hiperlan is expected to become available in 2002. Most countries have also opened for service distribution by wireless local loop (WLL) offering high capacity in a point to multipoint environment. DAB and DVB will use broadcast capabilities to provide 3G services. All these access technologies will contribute to the provision of wireless 3G services to the customer, thus being in direct competition to UMTS or supplement it. The high license prices for UMTS and the expensive deployment of a full coverage network with full mobility will open for competitive service delivery on hybrid access networks.
The forming question for this Study is: Is it feasible at this point in time to provide mobile 3G services to the customer, thus either have a prior to UMTS introduction of 3G services or becoming a competitor in the provision of 3G services.

What is the focus of the work?
The main objectives of this Study are to:

  • Propose TelCos an early introduction and effective migration for the provision of Next Generation (NG) services on hybrid radio access networks
  • Evaluate the economical and technical benefits of providing NG services (Multimedia, broadband, Mobile, IP) with non-UMTS access networks as e.g. WLL, WLAN, GPRS, Hiperlan, Bluetooth, DAB, DVB-T
  • Analysis of the impact on the UMTS implementation plan
  • Analyse the legal aspects of how TelCos can use other partners infrastructures (e.g. licensed WLL)
  • Identify potential customers and requirements for multimedia access networks
  • Propose further activities, e.g. follow up EURESCOM projects
Project Results
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Lupa: Local provision of 3G and 3G+ services

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