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Access Network Services for Service Providers
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Peter Stollenmayer
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
The question

Considering the rapid changes in the (tele-) communications market, business structures, regulatory environments and the emergence of new network technologies, how will the concept of access services (local loop services) for Service Providers develop in the future?

What is the current status of such services in Europe as seen by the EURESCOM Shareholders and what are the terms and conditions of such services and how should the Operations Support Systems (OSS) be developed to support this new business opportunity?


In principle provision of access to third party Service Providers has been around since the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector started in the beginning of the nineties. Relevant regulations have been drafted by the EU and the respective National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). Network Operator and industry bodies such as ETP, ETNO and ECTEL as well as standardisation organisations have also been involved in this process.

Since mid nineties a number of new issues relevant to the future of fixed service, such as the residential broadband access technologies, UMTS and large-scale IP networking have emerged. This poses new challenges in the provision and maintenance of the access service. It calls for new approaches in interconnect access services and their management.

The role and status of the Service Providers may vary from country to country, but the interconnect services with network operators and the processes related to their provisioning and maintenance are likely to have high degrees of commonality.


The objective of the Study was to identify the current status and direction of thinking on the above mentioned issues in Europe, and thus support the strategic work at EURESCOM Shareholders by providing an early view of the strategic, technical and business implications.

The Study focused on:

  • The identification of current status and trends of access services for Service Providers
  • The roles and aspirations of the different stakeholders
  • The identification and analysis of major issues
  • The identification and description of key processes that need to be carried out by the stakeholders
  • The identification of future strategic options in terms of technical applicability and business opportunities
  • Provide outline proposals for follow-on activities
Project Results