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Customer Loyalty in the Virtual World
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Peter Stollenmayer
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about

In the virtual world, the notion of customer is quickly evolving. For example in the Internet, the number of visitors to a Web site (i.e. its audience) is the key element in the value of companies like Yahoo. This fact is becoming true for many Internet based companies and may have a relevance to future TelCo share values. The "virtual world" context is becoming increasingly important also for TelCos to attract and keep a sound customer base.

This study helped to clarify the complex interrelationships between players, services, etc. in the area of customer loyalty. This includes the basic concepts of customers, customer loyalty, virtual world in relation to customer loyalty, and business environment.

Exploring the different factors that can influence customer behaviour in the virtual world, the methods to attract and keep a customer are fundamental issues for any company wishing to trade in the virtual world. Understanding the mechanism underlying these developments is critical for assessing the impact upon future telecom businesses.

In this context branding is one of the important ways to attract and keep customers and can be offered in both the real and virtual world. The concepts of branding and customer loyalty are becoming exceedingly important.

This Study built on experiences from the Cyberspace Study (EURESCOM P843) and worked in close co-operation with the Portals Study (EURESCOM P948).


The main objectives of this Study were to:

  • gain understanding of the meaning and significance of customer loyalty and the ways of creating it, especially in the virtual world
  • understand the concept of the virtual world and its importance in fostering customer loyalty
  • define what customer means and to identify customer behaviour in the virtual world
  • gain understanding of business models and strategies that are in use today and to analyse the evolution towards future business models related to the virtual world
  • help EURESCOM shareholders to develop business strategies using customer loyalty as strategic issue.
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Customer loyalty in the virtual world D1 August 2000