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Portals as Channels to the Virtual World
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Peter Stollenmayer
Senior Project Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about

It is becoming apparent that in the new, highly competitive, converged information and communication industry the TelCo business emphasis is changing from network access provision to service and content provision. Furthermore, the evolution and domination of mobile access technologies will make services and content practically independent of the access. Unless the TelCos address these issues they risk losing their interface with customer. TelCos will therefore have to understand how to use and manage the virtual distribution channels or Portals as well as their physical distribution channels.

The Portals concept is currently coming to the attention of business planners. A clear understanding of the development of Portals is exceedingly important for all EURESCOM Shareholders. Participating in this Study, the Shareholders are offered the option to benefit from better understanding of the strategic roles of Portals in the industry value creation process.

What are the key results of this Project?
The main objectives for this Study are to:

  • Define which customer needs Portals should fulfil in a future networked multimedia value creation process (e.g. to point out the differences between virtual and physical distribution channels for retail stores, etc.)
  • Identify the extent to which Portals differ from each other and thereafter classify the portal services into distinct categories (e.g. commercial/non-commercial, public/limited membership, etc.) and identify which of these categories are strategically important for TelCos.
  • Identify the major technical, competitive and societal trends emerging in the networked multimedia environment, and the uncertainties associated with the various drivers of change.
  • Build scenarios based on these uncertainties and forecast the market development in the different Portal categories over the next five years (taking the business interests of TelCos into account as well as operator services and mobile environments).
  • Key success criteria for building a successful Portal service (i.e. e.g. to create/maintain customer loyalty), while taking into account future developments.
  • Show the business implications of the evolution of Portals for TelCos strategy (e.g. by means of SWOT analysis).
Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Planned issue date
Portals as channels to the virtual world D1 May 2000