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Impacts of information overload
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Adam Kapovits
Senior Project Manager
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about

The main objectives of this Study are to:

  • Provide an overview on the nature and impact of information overload (and knowledge deficiency) on Telco business. Three aspects are considered here:
  • impact on customers and Telco service users as individuals based on existing user surveys,
  • effect of information overload (and knowledge deficiency) on people at work, specifically working at Telcos,
  • effect of information overload (and knowledge deficiency) on the organisation of Telcos.
  • Identify how people/organisations react and cope with information overload
  • Survey the personal knowledge management systems that are used to extract and focus information.
  • Survey the different portals, search engines design techniques and other types of solutions that are used to extract and focus information requested by a user.
  • Classify the efficiency of these techniques with professional behaviour in business and residential remote / telework situations. Make suggestions how to prevent/eliminate information overload.
  • Perform a top-level strategic appraisal of the market and technology consequences of information and knowledge management to Telcos’ present and future business.
  • Specify what kind of information and knowledge is of strategic importance for a Telco business, and how would that influence the proposed solutions
  • Develop a road map for Telcos, which illustrate likely future developments and impact upon the individual and the organisation.
  • Make project proposals that could be launched under the EURESCOM umbrella for further investigations.
Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Planned issue date
Impacts of information overload D1 January 2001