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So what will we use OSS for in the future?
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Luc Mathan
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

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Pundits claim the Information Society and Industry is upon us and will be dominant in a few years. TelCos no longer have complete control over the industry, the customers know what the services will be or which technologies will be key. A lot of attention has been given to the implementation technologies that makes the Information Infrastructure and the standards (SRC6 / EPIIC / TINA / DAVIC, etc). Not much has been done on the systems that will support business operating in this new industry. Operational Support Systems (OSS) are always an after thought. This Study suggests looking afresh at what it is that dictates why OSS is needed, why do we need it, what things will it do, will OSS be virtual, shared and extend across the Infrastructure?

Project P811 is providing a reference framework for OSS interconnection focusing on short term needs. This Study is focusing on longer term issues, assessing likely impact of forces in the >5 year time frame. EURESCOM Shareholders will benefit from this co-operation since certain scenarios for the developing Information Society will require interaction and co-operation both at the network and operational system level. This Study is the first stage to this. It extends the work already underway in P812 and Projects looking at the TMN X interface capabilities, but the nature of the work will be different.

P812 is providing recommendations for TMN and OSS evolution in the 2-5 year time frame from a technological point of view, but is not looking at societal, political and economic trends, and is not providing specific evolution scenarios.


This Study will assess the role that Operational Support Systems (OSS) may have in the future as TelCos align themselves within an open, deregulated Information Society and Industry. What forces drive what OSS - why will and what type of OSS be needed? This Study will try and formulate the importance of these questions, identify some focus work for later a EURESCOM activity and if suited develop a continuation project proposal.

Project Results
Deliverable Title  No Planned issue date
How different might OS activities be in 2005? D1 published


Project Information
Project Leader and Contractor Code: Pete Barnsley, BT
Project Supervisor: Luc Mathan
Project Participants: BT, DT, IT, TI
Project Start Date: 1 October 1998
Project Completion Date: 24 March 1999