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Impacts of changes in enterprise software construction for telecommunications
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Anastasius Gavras
Project Supervisor
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69123 Heidelberg, Germany
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The EURESCOM study P1149 on Impacts of changes in enterprise software construction for telecommunications aims to provide an information portal on model driven technologies relevant to the telecommunication industry requirements. The portal will serve as a main place to exchange information on MDA applications for european telecom operators and service providers. To collect and consolidate the necessary information, the project is inviting tool vendors as well as platform and service providers to submit descriptions of relevant products. Furthermore, customers of such products are invited to publish experience reports at this place. All information shall be send via e-mail to  The information at the portal is moderated, all submissions will be evaluated and any necessary adaptations will be made in consent with the submitter.


Project Information
What is this Study about?

Computing infrastructures are expanding their reach in every dimension. New platforms and applications must interoperate with legacy systems. New implementation platforms are continually coming down the road, each claiming to be "the next big thing". To protect investments and maximize flexibility, telecom operators buy hardware that implements open interconnection standards, and software that uses open interface standards like CORBA and EJB. But, those interconnection standards evolve rapidly. How can telecom operators ensure that their mission-critical information systems are rooted in standards that will adapt to new hardware capabilities and software platforms? The Object Management Group addresses this reality with the Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

The MDA promises to "[..] provide a solid framework that frees system infrastructures to evolve in response to a never-ending parade of platforms, while preserving and leveraging existing technology investments. It furthermore enables system integration strategies that are better, faster and cheaper". This study will examine the MDA itself and its impact on the way telecommunication operators design, specify and operate telecommunication systems. It will also prove - or disprove - the promises, and give indications on how to improve the current definition of OMGs MDA to reflect the specific needs of telecommunication systems.

What are the main objectives of this Study?

The study undertakes investigations to identify the impact of the Model Driven Architecture for Telecommunication Operators with respect to the specifics of telecommunication systems. Techniques will be studied, that can be used to utilize the MDA in the telecommunication arena. Moreover, the study will try to propose an evolution path for how the MDA needs to be adapted or specialised in order to enable its efficient utilization in the telecommunication domain.

Thus the main objectives of the project are to:

  • Analyse the foundation of the Model Driven Architecture and identify its constituting parts
  • Identify fields in the telecom domain where MDA or parts of it are applicable, focusing on the key elements of MDA and their telecom specific capabilities.
  • Investigate necessary adaptations to or specialisations of the Model Driven Architecture to reflect telecommunications needs
  • Explore the market for available products that support identified key technologies relevant to MDA, with a focus on telecom specific capabilities

What are the expected results?

The results may by of strategic relevance to operators for the design and deployment of software infrastructures, thus project clients are software systems architects of enterprise information infrastructures in telecommunication operators.

Results of the project will be forwarded to the OMG in the form of a "green paper" to influence the evolution of MDA towards satisfying telecom specific requirements.

Project Results
 No Deliverable Title Planned issue date

Model Driven Architecture – Assessment of related technologies

published June 2002
D2 Model Driven Architecture – Adaptations and impacts for the telecom domain (green paper) published June 2002
Preliminary draft D1 Model Driven Architecture – Assessment of related technologies D1-draft.pdf
Preliminary draft D2 Model Driven Architecture – Adaptations and impacts for the telecom domain D2-draft.pdf