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EXACT - EXploring ACTual ICT users and markets data
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Peter Stollenmayer
Project Supervisor
Wieblinger Weg 19/4
69123 Heidelberg, Germany

Project Information
What is this Project about?

EURESCOM project P903 was dealing with ICT uses in everyday life. It has performed a big survey (more than 9,000 households in 9 European countries) and extensive analysis with focus on Internet and mobile service use, non-use and user behaviour. The results are very important for making strategic decisions on ICT services and products, and for analysing the market and users situations. Considering the importance of the topic and the interest shown in the results, an activity on a further exploration of European ICT markets and users was seen necessary after the closure of P903.

The main questions to be answered were:

  • What data and what results of P903 can be disseminated outside the EURESCOM community?
  • What analysis beyond those performed by P903 work are deemed necessary?
  • What should future EURESCOM involvement in "P903 type" projects be (i.e. obtaining and analysing real ICT related user and market data)?
  • How can members of the EURESCOM community best position themselves for starting bigger joint activities in this area (particularly in front of the EC FP6)?
  • How can such research be self funding or even be profitable? (Business model)

Partnerships with other Research Activities

The size, accuracy and importance of the P903 collected data have created a lot of interest also in bodies and activities outside the EURESCOM community such as:

  • COST activities in the market and user analysis area (COST 269)
  • IST Projects "E-living" and "SIBIS"
  • Activities in Eurobarometer and Eurostat
  • "Market Aspects Group" and "Operators Group" of the UMTS Forum

Eurescom offered to organisations, companies and academia a partnership opportunity to utilise the P903 Quantitative Survey Data and associated materials for doing user & market research. The data was provided on a non-disclosure agreement basis and only for the agreed purposes. In return Eurescom received the results of the partnership organisations.

An opportunity for Something Bigger

The Study team prepared a proposal ("HUMAN-IST") for the 8th Call of the IST programme (not selected by the EC) and for the IST co-ordination activity NGNi (not utilised because of NGNi policy changes).

As preparation for the 6h Framework a proposal "S3IST" (The Strategic Social Science of Information Society Technologies) was submitted to the FP6 Expression of Interest. The goal is to submit a proposal for a FP6 Integrated Project early 2003.

Business Fit

The results of the EURESCOM project P903 are very important for making strategic decisions on ICT services and products, and for analysing the ICT related market and users situations. Particularly in very competitive and dynamic times where the customer is in the main focus, reliable user and market data is extremely important for network and service providers. Within this Study a user friendly product was developed and marketed.   The product is based on the Memphis Explorer allowing easy navigating in the P903 survey data and is marketed through a joint venture with Gallup Iceland.


P903 publications and presentations:

Anderson, B and Tracey, K. (2002) Digital Living: The Impact (or otherwise) of the Internet on Everyday Life. In Wellman, B. & Haythornwaite, C. (Eds.) The Internet in Everyday Life. Blackwells (to appear)

Anderson, B., Gale, C., Jones, M. and McWilliam, A. (2002) Domesticating Broadband: what 'consumers' really do with flat rate, always on and fast Internet access. BT Technology Journal, Januray 2002 Issue. To Appear.

Smoreda, Z. and Thomas, F. (2001) "The uses of the SMS in Europe" in Usages, N°10, Newsletter of France Telecom R&D

Zbigniew Smoreda, France Télécom R&D, Frank Thomas, FTR: Social networks and residential ICT adoption and use.  Presentation in the EURESCOM Summit 2001, 13-15 November 2001, Heidelberg     Paper    Slides

Enid Mante-Meijer, KPN Research, Richard Ling Telenor R&D: The potential for the adoption and use of new ICT services in Europe. Presentation in the EURESCOM Summit 2001, 13-15 November 2001, Heidelberg    Paper    Slides