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Testimonials on EuresTools

Below you will see some selected testimonials on the EuresTools suite of project management tools by coordinators, technical managers and partners of European research projects in the EU's Framework Programmes FP6 and FP7:

"EuresTools and the accompanying support services from Eurescom greatly simplify project management tasks for the coordination of large projects.
In particular, the EuresTools Reporter is an intuitive and very efficient tool allowing partners to report their activity and expenses easily through a friendly web interface. Work-Package leaders can then approve - or not - the individual reports, and the inputs can be quickly fed into the mandatory Quarterly Management Reports, which leads to great time and effort savings.
Eurescom's support is very efficient and very reactive to any kind of demands with respect to these tools."
Nicolas Le Sauze, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France
Project coordinator of the FP7 Integrating Project ETICS

"For managing a project with numerous partners, EuresTools Reporter is of essential importance for the follow-up of the budget and activities. It really eases the edition of the periodic management reports of EU projects. Additionally, EuresTools Workspace makes file sharing convenient, especially thanks to the version control function on the documents."
Jean-Philippe Javaudin, Orange Labs, France Telecom
Project coordinator of FP7 Integrating Project OMEGA

“EuresTools, in particular Workspace and Reporter, have been of great help to run the 8 partners and 2.5 years EU FP7 project DAVINCI. The Workspace tool is very convenient. It offers all facilities to organize the project data properly, and allows partners to easily and securely share documents and work together and simultaneously on deliverables.
The Reporter tool is another quite useful tool that allows effective planning and tracking of the activities of all partners and work packages in the project on a monthly granularity. The outputs of the Reporter tool go directly into the management reports requested by the European Commission.
In conclusion, I genuinely recommend EuresTools for multi-task, multi-partner projects such as EU collaborative projects, as they simply make life easy.”
Dr. Alain Mourad, Samsung Electronics Research Institute
Project coordinator of EU FP7 STREP DAVINCI

“For me the EuresTools are essential for managing large collaborative projects. Apart from providing an easy way of reporting effort and work done, the EuresTools are invaluable to me as they allow the information stored in the system to be easily analysed by work package, by partner, by time frame, or by any combination thereof. With the auditors assessing the returns, it is reassuring to know that you can provide a clear breakdown of work done and costs incurred. It makes the whole job much easier. But it’s not only the tools; it's the people behind EuresTools that make the difference.”
Dr. Douglas Williams, Broadband Research Project Director, BT
Technical Project Manager of EU Integrated Project TA2

"Before I had EuresTools Reporter, the reporting was cumbersome and it took a long time to get a good overview. Now it is much easier, and I can access the current project data whenever I want. A great tool! However, partners still have to report in time."
Riccardo Pascotto, Deutsche Telekom

Project coordinator of EU Integrated Project DAIDALOS

"EuresTools Reporter has made it much easier for us to track the activities of our 38 project partners. This is a major support for managing and controlling EU projects."
Dr. Werner Mohr, Siemens AG
Project coordinator of EU Integrated Project WINNER

NM2 - New Media for the New Millennium
"The EuresTools Reporter is an invaluable tool. It offers easy-to-use, robust project reporting on the web, and its utilisation provides rapid, flexible tracking of expenditures. Its deployment by Eurescom on the NM2 project, and the trouble-free take-up by all the consortium's partners, is a key reason for NM2's smooth and efficient running."
John Wyver, Chairman, Illuminations Television

Project partner in EU Integrated Project NM2

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