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EuresTools Web Conferencing is a proven, cost-effective and easy-to-use web-conferencing solution, which has been used by numerous European research projects. Our web-conferencing solution provides everything you need in an intuitive way: screen sharing and application sharing, chat, live video via webcam and, of course, voice communication.

EuresTools Web Conferencing enables real-time collaboration. It allows you to have a live seminar, meeting, classroom or customer experience. Presentations are enhanced via the audiovisual interface with nonverbal communication, and actions or demonstrations can be performed in front of the video camera for the participants to see.

The Web-conferencing portal allows you to either passively provide online tutorials 24 hours a day or to communicate interactively with your participants at previously fixed times. Different from a normal phone conference, you get the audiovisual support via the Web-conferencing portal in a more natural and intuitive way. Like in a conventional on-site seminar you can pass on contents to your participants as a multi-media presentation; feedback or queries are directly brought into the seminar via chat or phone.

At any time, you can receive feedback from participants for evaluation through additional integration of online tests and polls. The advantage of our Web-conferencing portal is that you can fully concentrate on your presentation without the need to be an expert in the field of Web portals. We create the required virtual conference room according to your needs.

The fee for unlimited web-conferencing access, as usually needed in projects, is based on the number of seats. Please ask us for an offer. In addition, we provide EuresTools Web Conferencing also at a session-based fee - you can order a web-conferencing session anytime at short notice at

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Please contact us at if you would like to discuss the tools you need and to get an offer from us.

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